How I met Scope

We met the team at Scope through a common contact as own appointed construction company had let us down and there were only a few weeks to go till the planned opening date. Scope knew the importance of keeping to schedule especially in a commercial environment where every day closed is lost revenue and profit and understood our vision to create something different from our previous restaurant units. This outlet was going to be our first Hatch Concept, ie the great quality food you’d expect of Booburger, created with the best service, as a takeaway to enjoy in your own homes.


On meeting, our management team were impressed with the hands on approach from Paz, one of the Directors, who gave an assurance that he would be directly involved with the project as they had a bad experience with the previous

construction company. Feeling we were in safe and trusted hands, we confirmed that Scope would take over from the

previous construction company, with only 10 weeks till opening.

Working with Scope


Working with Scope showed us what a construction company should and could do right first time. From project

management to budget control to flexibility and adaptability on changes in scope. We were able to focus on other

business matters as the team simply took full ownership and only involved us t on an as needed basis. It was so easy

working with Scope that we added further requirements into the scope of work, circa another 25%, and they still delivered

everything on time.

The project included in essence everything for front of house and back of house in terms of readiness and preparation for

opening, except the kitchen equipment and its installation. For example:

  • Dry lining

  • Counter cladding

  • Kitchen prep area, including the canopy hood for cooker

  • Water and drainage points

  • All flooring and walls

  • Front of house finish including counters

  • External finish and door

  • Toilet

Being brought into the build part way was not easy for Scope. Lead times were not ideal on certain items. However Scope

had great skills, expertise and innovation to deliver the results required regardless. For example, the supplier was unable

to make the bar and breakfast table offsite in time. So Scope bought the materials and made them bespoke on site

themselves. Their passion for operational excellence, and delivering their promise was exemplary.

Benefits realised

Working with Scope, we have:

  • Opened our new concept on time. In a commercial environment opening on time is key. Considering they were brought in mid project, we did not feel this would be achieved but somehow they did it, despite additional work being added into the requirements too.

  • Budget delivery. Scope delivered within the budget we had, excluding the cost of the additional requirements we added onto the work schedule.

  • Project management. The speed and timing at which the team worked was critical to this project management, as the space was so small, planning of the workforce was critical as there wasn’t much space for too may people. Scope did this with precision to get the team in and out doing their elements of the project without fuss, delivering the project on time.

  • Customer experience. This is a commercial build and quality of the finish was key to the overall customer experience. Scope ensured that everything was done to a great standard.


If Scope could do the same for our expansion and new outlet openings across the country we would have no hesitation but to appoint them as our national trusted construction partner. Sadly Scope can’t accommodate this so the bar is raised very high for contractors in other regions to operate in a similar way.