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Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Charter goes deep into the DNA of each member of our team. Understanding the influence we can have on five key pillars enables us to support the local community through our activities. These 5 pillars are key to our CSR Charter.

Why do we need all 5 pillars? They interlink. Without sustainable profits we cannot invest in the others like community initiatives and charitable support. Without employees that are motivated to do the best job every day, we cannot have sustainable profits. Our project activities affect the environment and we need to make a socially conscious decision on what and how we do things. They all work hand in hand together. 


We recognise we have only touched the tip of the iceberg with what we have done so far and have much more to do under each of these pillars, but we are proud of the vast amount we have achieved in a very short period of time already as detailed below. In our CSR strategy we have also identified targets and new initiatives we would like to develop over the next 3 years to take us from where we are now to a more social value led organisation.

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For this we believe that we are a big supporter of the local economy through our:

  • Employment and support of other local businesses (99% of our subcontractors and suppliers are Leicestershire)  

  • Bringing new talent into the industry and taking the time to develop them and teach them.

  • Work in alignment with the Government Construction Strategy 2025 which states “Improve the image of the industry by inspiring young people and through a co-ordinated approach to health and safety and improving performance in the domestic repair and maintenance market. Engage with bodies across the industry to ensure that capability and capacity issues in construction are addressed in a strategic manner.” 

    • Scope are developing relationships with colleges that do Construction GCSEs to support their students and perhaps even offer work experience and Apprenticeship’s post exams, for example Bosworth Academy Construction GCSE. Bosworth Academy are also launching a GCSE in Engineering in 2022, which we are having discussions with on how we can support the curriculum.

  • During 2022, Scope is also developing an Apprentice Programme and will bring in at least one individual into the business, with a view of increasing this in future years. This is part of our commitment to the Government Skills and Apprenticeships Development, where we aim to have 3-5% of our workforce as Apprentices. 



It may not sound like a lot in terms of numbers of activities, however we are a corporate partner of Wishes 4 Kids. Wishes 4 Kids has been created to grant a wish for children and youngsters in Leicestershire who are life limited, terminally ill, have experienced life-changing physical or emotional traumas and have suffered major abuse. The Charity grants wishes for those of eighteen years and below. Scope raised £20,000 in 2021 via a SkyDive to raise funds for this charity.  5 members of the Scope team did the SkyDive. This fundraising went towards more than 20 wishes to be fulfilled for the kids that were being supported.


Yes this was one event, however the manpower required to support this initiative and raise these funds was a significant investment by the company.


Moving forwards, Scope are committed to:

  • Continuing to support Wishes 4 Kids in 2022 

  • Supporting another Leicester charity - Hope Against Cancer.  Hope Against Cancer’s focus is to beat cancer rather than manage the consequences. They prioritise research for early detection, treatment and prevention of cancer. At Hope they believe that a strong local research charity has strong benefits for local patients now and in the future. They work for the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, working in partnership with local universities and hospitals. They fund cutting-edge research so that Leicestershire remains a hub of expertise in cancer research and treatment.

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Being in construction, what we build and how we build it has a significant impact on the environment.  This impact is often dictated by the client or their architect in terms of materials used, sourcing of materials etc.  However, Scope will always ensure advice is given to the client and their architect to make environmentally sustainable decisions.  This ethos in our general approach to projects has come across in abundance, so much so that we have been:


  • One project is being managed under BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology which enables us to coordinate activities at design stage to make the build more efficient and cost effective.

  • Recently appointed on a Barn Conversion “The Paddocks” that will be working toward Zero Carbon initiatives which has been fully documented and will be featured on Channel 5 in summer 2022.  

  • At Hilltop, we have used modern methods of offsite construction.  This consumes less energy and is more environmentally friendly in the production, reduces the carbon footprint, creates minimum waste, with less being sent to landfill.  In addition, energy consumption and the running costs of the home will be significantly lower.

  • What A Goal Complex, featured in the Real Entrepreneurs magazine is another project focussed at creating an environmentally friendly build, with local contractors and local suppliers.


In addition to this we have other environmental initiatives such as:


Recycling of all our materials.  

  • 80% of office waste is recycled and we are aiming to increase this to 90%.

  • Site materials we ensure do not go to landfill.  For example, earth removed from foundations are redeployed elsewhere on plots. In addition, all packaging etc from the build will be returned to office and recycled.  Moving forwards we would like to measure the number of tonnes we reduce, recycle and reuse to know the impact of our operations on the environment as well as set targets to improve within our own operations and that of our supply chain.


Locally sourced materials

  • Aimed to reduce carbon footprint.  In fact, 100% of our suppliers are local.  Over time we would like to understand the wider Supply Chain of our suppliers, as we know that some of their materials may come from abroad and UK alternatives could be considered.


Scope recognise that our employees are the reason why we are successful.  Investing in them to ensure they are motivated and have the right skills to perform in their roles and the right support from the business is key to this.


Business Culture Development

Scope recognises that core to our workplace is having the right company culture.  One which not only motivates employees but engages them to bring their “self” to work every day knowing that they are valued.


Scope are investing time and resources to the development our business culture in 2022, with the introduction of a Culture Charter and more.


Employee Health and Wellbeing              


The health and wellbeing of our teams is woven into everything we do.  From our operational processes such as HSE reporting of near misses, to risk assessments, to training and development, as well as investment in our operations to ensure everyone returns home safely after a days work.  No one initiative is more important than another.  Some specific initiatives we have are:

  • Open door policy

  • Investment in training via an external provider (there are c 160 training modules).  Specific to health and wellbeing the team will be able to access support on:

    • Diet and nutrition

    • Mental health in the workplace

    • Stress in workplace

    • Hydration 

    • Diabetes, dementia, epilepsy awareness

    • Effective homeworking and wellbeing


Employee Appraisal & Development Plans


Employees are actively encouraged to progress their skills and competencies.  


In 2021 we launched an Appraisal Process.  As this is a new initiative, we had our Business Growth Partner train the teams on completion of the forms and be available to access for any queries the team had when completing them after the training day.  The Business Growth Partner also attended the appraisals to ensure that they were conducted seamlessly and that each part of the form was leveraged to its best potential for the individual and business alike. As part of this, wider team training will take place in core areas such as sales and business development, leadership development, and more.  Individuals in the team are actively encouraged to talk about their career aspirations within the Appraisal, to help them understand where they are now in terms of performance and also where they need to be to achieve their career aspirations, including timelines.  We also know at Scope, that not everyone wants the next role, the next promotion and we have made sure they understand that this too is more than OK.  In fact, like every business, these individuals are our core, without which we could not perform and development in their current role is just as important as development for the next role opportunity.


As the individuals pull together their Appraisals and thoughts on career progression, as a Management Team, we also look at succession planning for growth with our Business Growth Partner.  Looking at the forecast for the next 12-24 months and identifying roles, skills and competencies needed in house in the future.  We actively interview talent in the marketplace not just for the here and now but to keep great talent identified and ‘warm’ for when the opportunity arises for an offer.


Training and development

Investment in training via an external provider (there are c 160 training modules).  The team will be able to access support on:

  • Health and safety

  • Communication

  • Conflict management

  • Customer service

  • GDPR


Employee Support

As leaders in the business, we go above and beyond to support our teams, helping each other through work and personal matters.


Scope Employee Awards


Recently, we also held Scope Awards 2021 recognising employee achievements which was a great success.

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Focus on our clients is critical to each of our sustainable growth strategies and Scope has invested significantly in developing robust business plans for growing the business further from 2022 to beyond.  In addition, Scope have reviewed the Government Construction Strategy 2025 and looked to see how Scope add value to this and align to the wider economic intentions for our sector.


We have strategies to support our growth intentions but keeping our independence at the heart of everything we do.  For each of these strategies there are detailed plans, action plans, and SMART objectives, with measurement of progress alongside.  


The global construction market is forecast to grow by over 70% by 2025. Global Construction 2025; Global Construction Perspectives and Oxford Economics (July 2013).


Key to our success in this, will be for Scope to develop a roadmap to measure current projects and their impact on the environment, develop targets to move forward, aiming to align to the Government Construction Strategy 2025 targets shown below.

Some of the areas we will focus on to achieve our growth expectations are:


Strategic and cultural alignment

  • Improved communication programmes internally and externally.

  • Improved external communication and branding of Scope.

  • Alignment of our vision and goals to everything we do and ensuring CSR is embedded into our culture and how we do things


Project Delivery

  • Streamline project delivery to improve management of work in progress and impact on billings and cashflow.

  • Work with suppliers to reduce carbon footprint.

  • Management of working capital through improved

    • Stock ordering and management of work in progress of construction projects

    • Processes for the sign off of completed projects

    • Terms with our suppliers 

    • Credit control and cash flow management


New business development

  • Research all Architects and Property Developers in Leicestershire, and surrounding cities to develop relationships and introduce them to Scope demonstrating our commitment to environmentally friendly builds in construction projects.

  • Develop relationships with those larger construction companies that may wish to outsource smaller projects, supporting them to reduce their overall carbon footprint and environmental impact.

  • Develop relationships with Framework procurement decision makers at Crown Commercial Services and Leicester / Leicestershire City Council demonstrating our commitment to social value in construction projects.


New Service Creation

  • Evaluate the wider construction value chain and identifying opportunities for business growth through new in house or partner development service creation.  For example, architects, planning and design, interior design, customer experience mapping for retail outlets and more.

  • Develop chosen services from above either in house or through approved partner development programmes.

  • Launch new services into market.

  • Investment in multi channel social media platform development and improved wider marketing (eg website, SEO, etc) to gain awareness and generate leads.


Investment in team development

  • More team members, and succession planning to support the development and growth of the current team.

  • Investment in recruiting a Quantity Surveyor.

  • Structured training and development programme developed including Health and Safety and Management Development.

  • Introduction of best practices such as appraisals