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Scope have had significant growth since we started, and at the start of 2022, we felt that the time was right to document, develop and integrate a Cultural Framework into everything we do to ensure alignment from our Directors, to our teams, to our suppliers.

We have kept it simple, identifying our strategy, our purpose, values and behaviours to create Cultural Building Blocks, with strong foundations, enabling our sustainable growth. We aim for it to support everything from decision making, action orientation, to developing our brand in the wider marketplace of what is important to us and what drives us to deliver great performance each day.
Business Plan


Building the Future

We aspire to be the construction partner of choice for commercial development projects >£1m in the Midlands, due to our excellent customer service and operational delivery, ensuring Zero Harm and Social Value Development in everything we do.

Carpentry Class


Caring for the local community, supporting charity and enabling an inclusive and diverse workplace are fundamental to Scope.  Having the best teams, that are trusted by our customers to go above and beyond and deliver our promises.  With honest, open and transparent communication always, especially where things go wrong.  We believe that strong communication is important in good times, but business critical in bad times, so we encourage all of our teams to openly share good news fast, and bad news faster. Once shared, ownership of the problem and the delivery of a solution is clear, enabling the customer to know it will all be resolved. Supporting local young talent to join the industry knowing that there is a great future for them in our sector.

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Customer Driven

We put the customer first in everything we do, going above and beyond to ensure their expectations are managed and our promises are delivered.  At the same time we are not being afraid to tackle difficult conversations and decisions with them to drive the best outcome for the project. 


Ethical Operations


Small, nimble, flexible with a focus on the wider community and environment that we operate in ensuring the right decisions are made for each project, whilst taking care of our teams in terms of health & safety.  We recognise that without the health & safety of our teams, we do not have a business and therefore we commit significant resources to ensuring a Safety First Culture, enabling our commitment to Zero Harm.

Breadth and Depth of Experience


Our core management team have c50 years of experience in the sector, but it is our passion for excellence that sets us apart from the competition.


Leading from the Front


People. Passion. Perfection. That is what we stand for. Our Directors are “hands on” in the business and in strategic projects. Visible. Accountable. Accessible. We are the experts and we aim to inspire and motivate not just our teams, but young talent looking to enter the sector. Investing in the development of our teams through training, development, coaching and more enables us to ensure we grow our team capabilities as our business grows to promote from within wherever possible.


Trusted Partner


We not only deliver on our promise, we have a reputation of going above and beyond.


Social Value


We consider the local community and environmental impact of our operations, acting with care and responsibility in our day to day decision making.  We continue to strive towards improving this through our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy.

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Taking Ownership & Action Orientation

Committed to deliver our promises.  Ensure our plans are well executed, with strong communication throughout, taking accountability of problems, identifying solutions and having ownership of delivery.  Leveraging strengths across site and Head Office teams.


Above and Beyond

Being passionate about our projects, our customers and our teams. Going the extra mile for our customers and our teams is part of our DNA.  It is part of ethos and culture.


Can do Attitude

Things can go wrong.  How we deal with it sets us apart from the competition.  Positivity, open mindedness, ownership, out of the box thinking, and leadership at all levels is encouraged.


Continuous Improvement 


Being open to change, development, learning and feedback is fundamental to growth, both business and personal.  We recognise the importance of challenging our thinking, encouraging the right change, and inspiring open and honest feedback.  This together with a culture of celebrating success we understand enables employee engagement and motivation.


Diverse Thinking

We acknowledge that everyone has a part to play in making the business a success.  Fresh, new ideas are encouraged, and we recognise the benefits a diverse workforce can bring.  We believe in challenging the status quo across our teams.