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Scope is dedicated to providing an end to end design and build service.  We recognise that the success of our projects starts from the moment we first meet our clients.

Understanding the vision of what they are trying to create, getting into their hearts and minds, and of their customers where it is a commercial environment.  This user centred focus is why 90% of our customers come from recommendations as our previous clients all will say that understanding their vision and delivering this seamlessly was core to everything, we did from start to finish.

As we understand your vision, we will enter the concept phase.  For clients in the commercial sector, we will spend time understanding their brand and brand values, and have even conducted research as part of our proposal with their end customers to ensure user experience and revenue generating capability is maximised.

Investment in this stage truly does ensure that everything that follows in terms of design, specifications, layout, flow, ambience and finish align to perfection.



Once the concept is agreed, Scope will work with the appointed architect (where there is one).  The architect will then take the concept and develop the design, specifications, selection of finished materials and other technical aspects such as structural, electrical, plumbing, lighting aspects.

The architects will design the plans and Scope will create the Contract and the Detailed Schedule of Works, including the technical specifications and drawings.


These documents are critical to the process as they will form the basis of the work then delivered at site by Scope and our teams.

in project


Scope have a list of trusted suppliers across all trades for our client projects.  These suppliers go through a rigorous vetting process and their quality workmanship and customer service (before, during and after project completion) is reviewed regularly.

The Scope team will be allocated to each project which may include a dedicated Project Manager, Site Manager, Quantity Surveyor and admin support.  In addition, our Directors of the business, Maz and Paz, are hands on and will regularly visit site and the client to ensure the project is going well and to plan.  Not many other construction companies have this level of involvement from the Directors.


Depending on the project, the Project Manager will determine whether key suppliers will simply be appointed to the project or whether mini tenders are required due to the complexity or specific requirements of the project.


The Project Manager will execute the mini tenders, and appoint suppliers.  Once the full team is in place, the Project Manager will go through not only the contract work, technical specifications and drawings with the team but also the findings from the Concept stage to ensure everyone is aligned to delivering the client vision.

Laying Bricks


At this stage, where any building permits are required, Scope will work with the architect and the client to ensure all permits are in place before work commences.  Once this is in place, build can commence and may include:

  • Clearing the land (which may include demolition of existing structures)

  • Excavate the land (which may include digging holes and levelling)

  • Pour the foundation

  • Frame steel and/or concrete

  • Concrete flooring

  • Roofing

  • Heating and air conditioning

  • Install electrical fixtures, inc CCTV

  • Insulation

  • Frame windows and door sashes

  • Install flooring

  • Install suspended acoustical ceilings

  • Install toilets, sinks and other plumbing fixtures

  • Paint walls (inside and out)

  • Finish walls any specific wall panels, tiles, etc

  • Other bespoke internal requirements, eg internal walls, kitchens, lighting, etc

In a commercial environment we also build zoned areas with different ambience, shop fittings, restaurant fittings, bars, lounge areas, soft pay areas and more as required.

Underpinning the build is compliance to all construction regulatory requirements, risk assessments and health and safety. Keeping our teams and those of our supply chain safe during the build is paramount.


Throughout the build, our Project Manager will prepare regular progress reports and hold regular progress meetings with the client to ensure client approval and satisfaction at every milestone.  We recognise that as the build progresses, things may come to light which require changes to the build. Scope can do this working with the architect and the client, through a Change in Scope process.  This will document why a change is needed, the impact, and the cost implications for client approval and sign off.

Engineer Looking At Blueprint


As Scope enter the final stages of build, we will walk the site and review every aspect of the build to ensure it delivers the promises we made from concept through to design, as agreed with the client in the schedule of works.

Any areas which Scope feel needs correction will be resolved and subsequently the client will be asked to do the same and create what we term the Defects Log, recording any areas which the client feels needs further attention. Scope will go through this list with the client and the Project Manager will work with the site team to resolve any matters outstanding to enable final client sign off.

Taking the Key


We are now ready for final invoices to be raised, final payments to be received from the client and handover to the client.  


At this stage we do ask clients to leave us a testimonial of their experience with us and take part on a post completion survey.  Continuous improvement is key to everything we do and we strive to learn from all projects and improve our processes and customer experiences each time.



How We Work

  • Full Detailed Schedule of Works

  • Robust Contracts to Protect the Client

  • £2m Professional Indemnity Insurance

  • Detailed Construction Programme

  • Regular Progress Reports and Project Meetings

  • Dedicated Project Manager

  • Vetted Supply Chain

  • Detailed Pre-Construction Plans

  • Dedicated to Health & Safety

Not Just a Builder!

  • Risk assessments on all projects

  • Pre construction planning & reporting

  • Dedicated loyal supply chain

  • Meticulous planning and review reducing risk of overspend and delay

  • Time, Cost, Quality Focused

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