How I met Scope

Based in New Zealand, with a vision of creating a European showroom for my fast super racing cars FZED and FZERO. It is

an exclusive experience to own one of our exciting new single-seat track cars.

The investment in one of our super cars is £700,000+ and I needed to ensure that the construction company appointed for

the design and build not only had the skills and experience but understood my dream, my passion, my vision, and my

target customers. For me the customer experience, attention to detail, overall ambience, space planning was critical. This

needed to reinforce the exclusive nature of out brand as visitors to Donnington can arrange a private viewing of the super

cars, as well as experience the super cars on Donnington race track too. We needed our facility to attract, welcome, and

ultimately encourage from the experience VIPs from all over the world to invest in a super car from our range.


I decided to put the design and build through a tender process. Scope was one of the 5 companies to tender. Prior to this,

I had never come across Scope – not a surprise when I am based on the other side of the world. They were a small

construction business compared to the 4 much larger national construction companies that also applied through the

tender. As a result, I had my reservations. Could they deliver at the level we aspired for?


My worries were quickly put to rest. Their passion came across in abundance. They spent a significant amount of time

understanding my business, my vision, my objectives. Maz and Paz took it upon themselves to study our Instagram and

other social media platforms, analyse our website, and understand our brand values to ensure that their proposed design

aligned fully. It was no contest. What they had created and put forward understood our brand and VIP customers better

than anyone else.


Working with Scope

Scope’s approach was to understand the requirements of our clients and ensure they can deliver a vision that combines

the business requirements and the function of the spaces they created. Drawing on their long experience they tailored a

solution to our exact specifications by fusing form and function to create the ideal space.


Scope have been incredibly approachable throughout the design and build. Not only that, but Maz and Paz have been

accessible and involved directly throughout. This level of personal involvement from the Directors has made an incredible

difference to me personally, as it has given me confidence from the start that they personally own the project delivery.

Considering the complex nature of the build, and the level of investment being made in the facility, this is critical.


The UK Showroom is at Donnington Park Circuit and includes:

  • Reception area

  • VIP Suite with a bar and informal seating area

  • Gallery area for the super cars

  • Sales and office area


All this in 9 weeks. Project management and delivery was like clock work and the showroom was ready for handover for

our launch event.


Benefits realised

Our vision was understood from day 1 of the tender process and our objectives were delivered. Working with Scope, has


  • Customer experience. This is a commercial build. The long term success of this build is dependent on understanding the needs and wants of the customers who will visit this location and ensuring that the design and build reflects to the customer experience we need to create to maximise revenues in the future. From flow of footfall throughout the venue, to lighting, accessibility, ambience, zoning of areas and more Scope have not only been involved in all our decisions, but have led these discussions and ensured their expertise influences the right decisions being made.

  • Budget delivery. Scope manage the financials of this project, as if it were their money being spent. They ensure budgets are not only managed, but through their flexible approach that efficiencies in the design can be identified and integrated.

  • Project management. From design to build to handover, Scope ensures that the project is delivered in accordance to the timelines agreed. Responsibilities and accountabilities are outlined at the start. Schedules of work and specifications agreed. Dependencies on me and my team are clearly identified. Of course, there have been hiccups along the way when you are dealing with something of this size and complexity with the number of contractors needing to be managed. When this happens, communication has been key, as well as proactive problem solving, ensuring that all matters are dealt with promptly.

  • Communication. The foundation of the success of our project has been strong, honest and transparent communication.


I would not hesitate to recommend Scope for any commercial design and build projects. In fact if they could, I’d be happy

for them to do the same again in other European cities as part of global expansion.