How I met Scope

I had a vision to create a multi sports complex in Leicestershire. I knew that quality, project management, and attention to

detail to maximise the customer experience was critical to my project. Having spoken to suppliers in the construction

sector, I was recommended to speak to Scope.

As soon as I met Maz and Paz, I knew Scope was the right construction partner for our build. Not only did they have the

skills, expertise, and financial robustness for a project this size – they also UNDERSTOOD my vision.


This was clear when within a few weeks of our first meeting, Maz and Paz created a design brief that simply aligned to my

vision. In addition what I loved was that despite being the Directors of the business, they got involved personally to ensure

they got it right first time. They understood the importance of the details needed in the design brief to ensure everything

flows successfully thereafter throughout build.

Working with Scope


Working with Scope is simple. There is no fuss. Nothing is too much trouble. Plus, they are highly flexible in their

approach. I simply see them as part of our team, and not a contractor. We work in partnership together as Scope goes

above and beyond and ensures that not only the build is successful, but they work closely with me to ensure the wider

business impact is manager carefully. Considering the complex nature of the build this is critical.


The project includes:

  • Soft play area

  • Sports bar and grill

  • A fully equipped, latest technology sports gym

  • 2 International League level football pitches – we are proud to be the 2 nd in the UK to have a pitch at this level

  • 2 cricket pitches

With so much involved, Scope have phased the build into three phases. Phase 1 is the Soft Play area, called Rascal Ranch

which is now complete and handed over. Phase 2 was complete near Christmas 2021 and Phase 3 will be complete in February 2022. Altogether it is a seven month project from design to handover, which I am absolutely

delighted with.

Benefits realised

Key to any design and build project, our vision was understood from day 1, our objectives were identified and delivered.

Working with Scope, we have:

  • Budget delivery. Scope manage the financials of this project, as if it were their money being spent. They ensure budgets are not only managed, but through their flexible approach that efficiencies in the design can be identified and integrated.

  • Project management. From design to build to handover, Scope ensures that the project is delivered in accordance to the timelines agreed. Responsibilities and accountabilities are outlined at the start. Schedules of work and specifications agreed. Dependencies on me and my team are clearly identified. Of course, there have been hiccups along the way when you are dealing with something of this size and complexity with the number of contractors needing to be managed. When this happens, communication has been key, as well as proactive problem solving, ensuring that all matters are dealt with promptly.

  • Customer experience. This is a commercial build. The long term success of this build is dependent on understanding the needs and wants of the customers who will visit this location and ensuring that the design and build reflects to the customer experience we need to create to maximise revenues in the future. From flow of footfall throughout the venue, to lighting, accessibility, ambience, zoning of areas and more Scope have not only been involved in all our decisions, but have ensured their expertise influences the right decisions being made.

  • Communication . The foundation of the success of our project will be strong, honest and transparent communication. This I feel is at the heart of everything Scope does.



If you are considering a commercial build then contact Scope. You will not regret it. The investment in a full design and

build service, will be the best decision you will make. They will help you, guide you, and take ownership of delivering your

vision and making it come to life.