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Design and build within the restaurant sector is complex. Numerous factors need to be taken into consideration from the outset, from the restaurant branding and brand values through to a potentially diverse et of customers that may dine in the facility at different times of the time.  Perhaps parents with children during the day, couples and groups and friends in the evenings. At Scope, we need to get underneath the skin of what makes the venue SPECIAL. We know that getting the design and build right will affect customer footfall and future revenue generation capability.

With that impact understanding the client’s vision for the venue and its’ customer base is critical to concept creation and design.  Careful considerations of accessibility, zones, bar areas, seating, customer walkways, locations of toilets, ambience, lighting, music systems, furnishings for comfort and noise absorption, and more need to be thought through. In addition, back of house is just as critical.  Flow of kitchen areas, dry goods store, refrigeration, and freezer space all need to be carefully designed to enable efficiencies for the chef and the back of house team. Every nuance affects future restaurant success.

Fundamental to a restaurant and bar design and build is pace. These venues cannot be closed for long and need to ensure that the process happens right, first time, ensuring the re-opening of the venue happens on a prompt basis. In some cases parts of the venue may remain open during the build. Our Project Manager will ensure the works are carried out with minimal disruption to your business and those around you. With our experience, vast vetted supplier network and ethos, you can rely on us to deliver seamless and stress-free commercial interior and exterior fit outs and refurbishments of your business premises.

At Scope, we have considerable experience and expertise in restaurants and bars and are confident that we can create the venue with the vibe you want. Just look at our case studies of clients in this sector.

Office Meeting


Since the pandemic, Scope recognise that many organisations are moving towards a flexible working environment, allowing employees to work from home and come to the office as required. As a result of the flexible working patter, Scope also recognise that offices now need more modern layouts and that many offices are becoming more ‘hot desk’ style with open plan work space, with a few private office areas for meetings so others aren’t disturbed.

As a specialist in office design and build, like Superman, we can see through existing layouts and wall structures, and help our clients create a flexible working environment conducive to recent trends for employee welfare and engagement. As we all know, our employees are our greatest assets and creating a space they want to come to for work, enables employee satisfaction and retention as well as improved productivity.

Overarching this is the need for the space to echo the business’s brand and brand values. In our concept phase we will ensure this is understand and integrated into the design. From modern and contemporary to traditional, we will bring your vision to life. As is the case in all builds, we will create designs to create zoned areas using lighting, furniture, walls (permanent or flexible) as well as walkways designed to move visitors in a particular flow.  In addition important social areas such as the kitchen, coffee and tea making facilities and toilets will be carefully planned.

Where an office has a restaurant a facility (or even a bar as some do), as discussed in our Restaurants and Bars section we can develop plans for these too with confidence.



We are delighted to be experts in the creation of specialist venues, like our case study for Rodin Cars and What A Goal.

What is a specialist venue? For us it can be many things. Often they would destination led venues in that their customers have made a specific journey to travel (often quite far) to visit the venue for a specific purpose. The customer has committed their hearts and minds to a specific experience they wish to have and having researched options, they have chosen that venue to visit. Having expectations already set, Scope is mindful that the design and builds needs to not only live up to that but surpass it creating a WOW so that the customer tells others and creates a knock on effect for other individuals to visit the venue too. It is all about the customer experience, customer journey, and building brand loyalty for recommendations and repeat visits.

Fundamental to the design and build of these venues is pace. These venues cannot be closed for long and need to ensure that the process happens right, first time, ensuring the re-opening of the venue happens on a prompt basis.

Often these venues are multi purpose. For example at What A Goal, from soft play, to football pitches, to cricket pitches, to a gymnasium and coffee area each areas needs to work in their own right but also seamlessly with the other.

At Rodin Cars, we supported our client to create an exemplary experience for visitors coming from around the globe to view and test drive their super fast cars, to potentially purchase.  When we say pace of design and build is fundamental, here we transformed the site in 9 weeks.

Modern Interior Design
Interior Design


Being chosen as the design and build contractor for a family home is a privilege and an honour. We do not take these projects lightly as we know it is hard earned personal funds and savings that are being invested in creating the forever home, regardless of whether it is a new build, restoration, or extension.

Our process remains the same, in that understanding the vision of the family is centric to everything we do. Getting into the shoes of the different family members, their hearts and minds to understand how they wish to live in their home. There is no one size fits all.  It is bespoke.  It is unique. We listen, we create.


As the build commences, Scope is conscious that the family may be living on site and having a construction team there day in day out can be stressful. Working with family we will ensure string communication in everything we do so we can mitigate disruption as much as possible. Regular progress reviews and meetings will help ensure where families are on site that things like the water or electricity being turned off to also works to be completed are known well in advance so plans can be made by the family.

Scope recognise that a family home build is special.  We will include the family in aspects of the build (subject to risk assessment and health and safety compliance).  For example, breaking ground, starting the flow of the concrete into the foundations, being onsite for key milestones to take photographs of those special moments in the build.  These are moments to treasure, creating a photo library of their build.  Our case study below demonstrates our passion for special home builds, refurbishments and extensions.